Beer & Good Listener Help Save Would Be Jumper

A 12 Pack Of Coors Light Can Do Great Things

August 18, 2018 - 9:33 am

Richmond, VA. (WRVA) - 

Fox News 9, KMSP, in Minneapolis, Minnesota reporting that a beer deliveryman and a 12 pack of Coors Light helped get a would be jumper off a bridge in Minnesota. The Beer Delivery truck was traveling on Interstate 94 in St. Paul when the two men inside noticed a man standing on the side of a bridge.  

They stopped the truck and Kwame Anderson got out and started talking to the man. He also called 911.  Anderson was told by the dispatcher to leave the would be jumper alone until cops arrived. Anderson felt disengaging with the man could lead to him jumping, so he kept chatting. Cops showed up and ended up blocking part of the bridge while Anderson continued talking to the man.

Anderson asked the man if he wanted food or needed money; but the man said no to both questions.  The beer guy then asked the would be jumper if they could have a drink together. The man replied; “yeah.” Anderson ran back to the truck, grabbed a 12 pack of Coors Light and placed the beer near the man. He told the guy;” if you don’t jump, the beer is yours.” The suicidal man dutifully backed away from the edge of the bridge. The would be jumper was taken into custody and transported to a hospital.  

Sadly the two men did not get to share that beer. Anderson who also does standup comedy invited the unnamed bridge climber to come out to show, so the two men could have that drink together