Chesterfield Looking For Additional Victims After Arrest

23-Year Old Arrested For Sexual Assault of 13-Year Old

July 31, 2020 - 1:58 pm
Jordan W. Slater, 23, was arrested and charged with carnal knowledge of a child 13-15 years old. (Chesterfield Police)

(Chesterfield Police)


Chesterfield, Va. ( - Chesterfield Police say they are looking for potential victims of a man they recently arrested for an alleged sexual assault of a 13-year old.  Officers have charged Jordan Slater, 23, of Cindiwood Drive, with carnal knowledge of a child 13-15.

Police say Slater used social media to contact a 13-year old girl, and allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with her.  Police also allege Slater used social media to get the girl to provide him inappropriate prictures.

Sergeant Michael Agnew also says officers are invetsigating two other cases involving Slater, and that there may also be a charge he faces in Petersburg.  Anyone with additional information or concerns about Slater is asking to call Chesterfield Police.