The Go-Go's Music On Broadway

The Go- Go's have the Broadway Beat, Get Up & Go See The Show

July 16, 2018 - 1:27 pm

NEW YORK (AP) — Go-Go's guitarist Jane Wiedlin has a simple word of advice for female rock bands — "Write."

    She urged women to take charge of their careers by writing and performing their own music to become what she called "wholly self-realized female artists."

    Weidlin joined other members of her pioneering all-female band on a Broadway stage last week to welcome "Head Over Heels," the musical based on the band's infectious hits. They treated the audience to a two-song set at curtain call.

    The Grammy-nominated Go-Go's helped pave the way for future female artists and notably sang and played their own songs, but lead singer Belinda Carlisle stopped short of feeling like a role model.

    She says: "We just did the work and got on with it."


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