Virginia's New Prison Visitation Policy

New prison visitation policy aimed at curbing contraband

AP News
September 03, 2019 - 3:07 pm

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia prison officials have announced a new visitation policy in an attempt to keep drugs and other contraband out of state prisons.

The new policy announced Tuesday will require inmates to submit a list of up to 10 visitors that can be changed only twice a year.

Currently, inmates can add and remove visitors from their visitation list at any time. Department of Correction officials say that leads to instances in which someone is hired to bring drugs into a prison by visiting an inmate the visitor doesn't even know.

Inmates must submit their lists by Oct. 1. The new policy will go into effect in January.

Minors are excluded from the 10-visitor limit. Inmates with more than 10 immediate family members can request an exception to the limit.


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