Caroline County Housing Illegal Immigrants

Homeland Security Using Caroline County Facility

July 03, 2018 - 4:02 pm

RICHMOND, VA (WRVA) - Caroline County, Virginia, after almost a year of negotiations, has entered into an agreement with the United States Department of Homeland Security for detention and care of Administrative Detainees. This facility will be similar to others operated in the Commonwealth. The five year agreement approved by the Caroline County Board of
Supervisors is effective on July 1, 2018 for the purpose of housing illegal immigrants at the Caroline Detention Facility; formerly known as the Peumansend Creek Regional
Jail. The facility will house adult male and adult female immigrants who have illegally entered the United States and house no children. The purpose of detention services at
the Caroline Detention Facility is to assure illegal immigrants’ presence during their administrative hearing process and assure their presence for removal from the United
States pursuant to a lawful final order by an Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals or other Federal judicial body.

The planned move will reinstate up to 120 jobs within the county, which were lost as a result of the closing of the regional jail, and will provide a safe and modern facility to
house adults going thru the process. Using the facility in this manner prevents other entities from taking control and using the facility for other uses which could have a
harmful impact to the County.