(Jay Hart, WINA)

C'ville Closes More Roads

Ahead Of Scheduled Rally At Jefferson Statue Saturday Evening

August 11, 2018 - 12:49 pm

Charlottesville, VA (wrva.com) - The city of Charlottesville has announced several additional road closures for Saturday night.  The closures, according to the city, are due in part to allow for safe pedestrian traffic, as there is a rally planned at the Thomas Jefferson statue at UVA this evening.  The roads being closed are in the vicinity of the North Plaza, where the statue is located.

The rally is being held by activist groups, which have termed it a "rally for justice."  The statue was the site last year of a torch-lit rally by white nationalists.  That rally preceded the violence that ended up killing three people the following day.

There is tight security around the statue and the plaza, with both security checkpoints as well as fencing and barriers.