roads and snow

Matthew Demlein, WRVA

Cold Weather Creating Water Issues

Freezing/Thawing Leading To Main Breaks

January 09, 2018 - 4:52 pm

Richmond, VA ( – For the second straight day, a Richmond water main has burst over I-95, causing water to cascade onto the interstate.  The water led to backups and accidents in the area near the Hermitage Road overpass.  This follows Monday's break at the Broad Street overpass.

Richmond Public Utilities says they do no have exact causes for either break.  However, they say when you have extremely cold temperatures, followed by warming, breaks are common.  Spokeswoman Angela Fountain says they do try to bury most lines (not possible with overpasses), but even there, if the ground gets cold enough, problems can occur.

Fountain says they will continue to investigate what happened with the overpass mains.

Photo Credit:  Matt Demlein, WRVA