(Jay Hart, WINA)

Calm Friday Night In Charlottesville

One Small Protest Occurs Amid Heavy Secuirty

August 11, 2018 - 10:04 am

Charlottesville, VA (wrva.com) -- It was a relatively calm Friday evening in Charlottesville, as the anniversary of the deadly Unite the right rallly arrived.  The calm evening stood in stark contrast to last year, when on Friday evening, white nationalists with torches marched on the Thomas Jefferson statue on UVA.

There was one small protest, by activists groups, against ICE at the federal courthouse.  The protest broke up on it's own.  There are plans for a protest and rally by activist groups tonight near the Thomas Jefferson statue, but several streets in the area have been closed off, and there is tight security in the area as well.

UVA has also closed off the Grounds for the entire weekend.  Over 1000 officers from around the state are in Charlottesville to provide security.