Bills Comes Fast and Furious on Crossover Day

Tackle Everything From Minimum Wage to Monuments to Dead Bodies

February 11, 2020 - 4:43 pm

Andy Doernen/Newsradio WRVA


Richmond, Va. ( -- It was an incredibly busy day at the General Assembly Tuesday, as lawmakers pushed through to complete all over their work on the last day each chamber could consider it's own bills.  Of big note, Delegates approved an assault weapons ban that now faces an uncertain future in the State Senate.  The Senate never voted on their version.

Both chambers voted to give localities control over their Confederate monuments, an especially big issue in both Richmond and Charlottesville.   Delegates also approved a later cutoff time on Election Day, proposing that voters be allowed to vote until 8pm.  The Senate did not have a similar bill.

Delegates have also approved an increase in the minimum wage, taking it eventually to $15 per hour, but in the near future, to $10 in July.  

In lighter fare, Delegates also voted to change the definition of a "dead body," which was part of, ironically, House Bill 666.

The rest of the General Assembly session will deal with handling the other chambers' bills.