Chesapeake Men Arrested Near Vote Counting Site In Philly

Chase Disavows Connection

November 06, 2020 - 4:55 pm
Campaign signs at a polling place in Western Chesterfield (Photo Credit: Matt Demlein/WRVA)

(Photo Credit: Matt Demlein/WRVA)


Philadelphia, Pa. ( - Philadelphia officials say two men from Chesapeake were arrested Thursday eveing near the city's Convention Center, where vote counting is taking place.  The men, whose vehicle had Qanon stickers on it, were charged with carrying illegally in Pennsylvania.  The Philadelphia District Attorney says one man said he had a Virginia license, but Pennsylvania does not recognize the commonwealth's document.

The men were found with 160 rounds, and an additional weapon inside their vehicle.  A third person was also found with them but not charged.  District Attorney Larry Krasner says they do not believe there is any larger tie to any extremist groups, but the men may face additional charges because of the nearness to the election site.

Krasner did not identify the men, but in a weird twist, Chesterfield State Senator Amanda Chase disavowed any connection to them on Facebook.

Seantor Amanda Chase Facebook post. (Facebook)

Krasner again stress there does not appear to be any larger plot against the Convention Center.