(Hanover Sheriff's Department)

Chesterfield Officer Arrested For Soliciting

Follows Suspension Of Another Officer For White Nationalist Ties

March 22, 2019 - 4:54 pm

Chesterfield, Va. (Newsradiowrva.com) - Chesterfield Police have announced the arrest of one of their patrol officers for attempting to solicit a juvenile.   Hanover deputies, as well as an internet crimes task force, arrested Simeon Steers-Smith,30, Friday.

Chesterfield Police Chief Colonel Jeffery Katz says his department is "angry and outraged."  Just this week, Katz recommended a school resource officer be terminated after activist groups found that the officer had ties to the white nationalist group Identity Europa.  The officer is currently going through due process prior to his termination.

Katz also admits that they would like to believe the background check system catches everything, but it is not.

Steers-Smith faces  three felony counts of use of a communications system to facilitate certain offenses involving children.