(Chesterfield Police)

Chesterfield Police Arrest Man

Attacked Woman, Hit Her And Neighbor With Car, Tried To Run

March 28, 2019 - 2:57 pm

Richmond, Va. (Newsradiowrva.com) - Chesterfield Police say they have arrested a 46-year old Seattle man after he alllegedly attacked a woman he knew, as well as hitting both the woman and one of her neighbors with a car.  Thomas Acheson, 46, faces charges of malicious wounding, strangulation, threats to bomb, felony eluding, and felony vandalism.

Police say they were called to a home along Clintwood Road around six Wednesday evening for a report of a man attacking a woman.  Officers say the woman, whom Acheson knows, was able to escape, but then Acheson allegedly hit her (and a neighbor) with a car.  The two suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  

Acheson allegedly then took off in the first woman's car, only to be stopped by spike strips along Genito Road.   Officers arrested him after he tied to run, and was found undernearth a nearby deck.

Police are characterizing it as a domestic incident.