Chesterfield Teachers Raise Concerns

Just as Middle and High Schoolers Are Set To Return

November 06, 2020 - 4:40 pm

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Chesterfield, Va. ( - A group of Chesterfield teachers held a press conference Friday afternoon, saying most teachers are not in favor of having middle and high school students return to school on Monday.  The teachers say they continue to have safety concerns in the coronavirus pandemic, and with the way the decision was made to bring the older students back.

Chesterfield's Health Committee chose to approve a return, despite some of their primary health metrics being on the high end, or just over, the acceptable range.  The committee consulted their secondary metrics, which were acceptable, to help the decision.  However, Falling Creek Middle School Teacher Emma Clark says some teachers are not happy with "going against" VDH guidelines.

Clark also says the elementary school return has not been as smooth as portrayed, and that safety measures are not being fully implemented.  The District says they are committed to safety and have stressed that to their teachers set to return.

Students will be going two days a week, and virtual/at home the other three.