(Matt Demlein, WRVA)

Fairfax Accusers Speaks Out

Address New Call For Criminal Investigations

June 13, 2019 - 3:30 pm

Richmond, Va. (Newsradiowrva.com) - The two women accusing Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault have now responded, after Fairfax sent out letters to prosecutors in Boston and North Carolina, asking them to open criminal investigations into the women's claims.  Vanessa Tyson accuses Fairfax of assault during the Democratic National Convention in 2004, and Meredith Watson accuses Fairfax of assault while both of them were at Duke University in 2000.

Tyson's lawyer calls Fairfax's letter a "political stunt," and says as a former prosecutor, Fairfax should know potential targets of criminal investigations to not get to direct prosecutorial decisions.  Watson's lawyer says "If Justin Fairfax wanted the public to know the truth, he would have welcomed the hearing in the Virginia legislature requested by Ms. Tyson & Ms. Watson. All parties will testify under oath and present witnesses. That is the last thing in the world Fairfax wants and he has fought it at every turn."   Watson's lawyer also accuses Fairfax of defamation, for his allegation that Watson was trying to blackmail him.  Watson's lawyer says her client went to Fairfax first before going public to avoid embarassing Fairfax's family.

The Lieutenant Governor denies the allegations and two months ago, produced polygraph reports to try and bolster his claim.  Watson's lawyer calls the tests "voodoo."