A Grieving Father's Pain

Dad of murdered Roanoke TV reporter reacts to Annapolis newspaper shooting

June 29, 2018 - 1:55 pm

(RICHMOND, Va. - wrva.com) The father of a murdered Roanoke TV reporter - gunned down live on the air - says today is especially hard for him and his family because his daughter, Alison, was born in Annapolis, and the victims of the newspaper shooting there were journalists, like she was. He says he feels like he's lost another member of his family. 

Andy Parker of Collinsville, who since his daughter's killing at Smith Mountain Lake in 2015, has become a political activist and outspoken gun control advocate, says the biggest solution to ending these tragedies is to elect more Democrats to office, because he says Republicans are interested in pushing gun issues.

He also says authorities need to be given the power to act when people, such as accused Annapolis shooter Jarrod Ramos, give red flags like social media posts and threats.