Judge Rejects Virus Order Injunction

July 20, 2020 - 8:13 pm

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Richmond, VA _  Richmond Federal Judge John Gibney has denied a request by two Virginia business owners for an injunction against Governor Ralph Northam's Covid-19 executive orders.

Business owners, represented by Democratic State Senator Chap Peterson, argued that Northam went beyond his authority as Governor in enacting gathering restrictions.

Petersen represents Jon Tigges, the owner of a Loudoun County winery which hosts weddings and numerous social events, and Linda Park, the owner of a Hibachi style restaurant in Fredricksburg.  Both owners that the restrictions in place due to Covid-19 have denied them of their constitutional right to do business.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, in arguing against an injunction wrote:

“Here, any harm plaintiff may experience if this Court denies a temporary injunction must be balanced against the catastrophic and permanent harm that others could suffer if the Court grants one… Plaintiff asks this Court to invalidate nearly all of Virginia’s Governor’s and Virginia’s Health Commissioner’s orders that protect the people of the Commonwealth from COVID-19. The almost inevitable result of granting the requested relief would be increased transmission of a deadly disease for which there is currently no vaccine, no cure, and no established treatment.