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Outrage Over White Supremacist Suggestion

Henrico Democrats Delete Fundraising Post

March 21, 2019 - 8:44 am

Richmond, VA (Newsradio -- Henrico Democrats catching flack for a fundraising post that compared a photo of Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox to the New Zealand terror suspect. In the since deleted Twitter and Facebook posts, Democrats suggested Cox, who represents Colonial Heights, is flashing a secret "white power" sign. The post was linked to a donation page. 

The post included a text message:  "We are not body language experts, but we do know that hands do not rest in that position.  The Speaker of the House of Delegates should not make the same white power gesture that the New Zealand terrorist makes in his court appearance."

The photo of Cox was taken in 2011. His office calls the claim that it's a coded white nationalist hand signal "ridiculous", and called on Democrats to denounce it. 

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