Sharpton Calls For Governor, AG To Resign

Attends Conference at VUU

February 07, 2019 - 4:11 pm

Richmond, Va. ( - Activist and National TV host Rev. Al Sharpton spoke at Virginia Union University Thursday, using a conference on race and reconcilliation to call for both Governor Ralph Northam (D) and Attorney General Mark Herring (D) to resign.  Both men have admitted to wearing blackface in the 1980s.

Sharpton says he is a Democrat, and that both men resigning would hurt the party, but that their actions hurt a people.  He also adds that "forgiveness without a price is a pass."

Sharpton addressed Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax's sexual assault allegations, saying his accuser needs to be respected and heard.  However, Sharpton says there are two sides to that story, and both need to be heard, whereas Northam and Herring have admitted to their offenses.