Messy Wednesday Morning Ahead

Snow Overnight, Followed By Late Morning Wintery Mix

February 19, 2019 - 1:54 pm

Richmond, Va. ( - Richmonders appear headed for messy Wednesday morning commute, with the potential for school delays or cancelations. forecaster Nick Russo says snow will start around three or four Wednesday morning, and should continue until late in the commute.  Russo says around eight or nine, the storm should change to more of a wintery mix, and then change over to all rain by the afternoon or evening.

Russo says Richmond should receive anywhere from one to three inches, with larger totals to the north and west, and lower totals to the south.  However, he says the rain should wash away much of what falls, meaning that the storm's problems will only be a one-day issue

Russo also says temperatures will remain above freezing Wednesday night, so that there will not be any refreezing.  VDOT has started to pre-treat the roads ahead of the storm.