Andy Doernen / News Radio 1140 WRVA

Severe Weather Possible Friday Evening

Could See Heavy Rain, Hail, Winds, Even Tornadoes

April 18, 2019 - 1:40 pm

Richmond, Va. ( --  Central Virginia, and especially, from the Tri-Cities south, are under the gun for severe weather on Friday. meteorologist Andrew Freiden says it appears the likeliest time for these storms will be after sunset, although rain and thunder in the afternoon is possible as well.

Freiden says the storms, which are coming with a cold front, could include heavy rain, heavy winds, possible flooding, and even tornadoes.  He says there is a risk of trees falling.  Freiden says Friday will not be a washout, however, as in the afternoon, what storms occur will be scattered.

The storms should be out after midnight, with nice weather Easter Weekend