Sunday Snow Could Be 4"-6"

VDOT Already Pre-Treating Roads

January 10, 2019 - 3:43 pm

Richmond, Va. ( - Meteorologist Andrew Freiden says they feel comfortable saying the Richmond area will receive around four to six inches of snow with this upcoming weekend storm.  The snow is expected to fall Sunday, although we may see a few flurries on Saturday.

Freiden stresses, howeverm that Richmond will be close to the rain/snow line.  As a result, any movement north or south could result in either more snow, or less snow and more rain and slush.  He anticipates the Tri-Cities seeing more rainy precipitation than Richmond, and therefore, less snow.

VDOT has already begun pre-treating roads in spots.  Spokeswoman Jessica Cowardin says they have focused on interstates and primary roads in Richmond and north, because possible rain south would wash away the treatment.