(Picture via Richmond International Airport Operations)

Stationary Rain Floods Airport

More Rain Expected Tomight

June 22, 2018 - 10:47 am

Sandston, VA (wrva.com) --  Richmond received heavy rain overnight Thursday into Friday, but that rain became almost staionary around the airport, according to NBC12 Meteorologist Megan Wise.  Wise says seven inches of rain fell in the East End, leading to flooding of roads, and even the airport runways.  Richmond International Airport reopened around 9am, but with several flight delays.  Travelers are asked to check their flight's status.

Wise says unfortunately, more rain is in the forecast for Friday evening.  There is also even a slight risk of tornadoes.  NBC12 Meteorlogist Jim Duncan says Richmond has received over 20 inches of rain the past 45 days.

Henrico has several streets closed because of the flooding.  They include:

  • E. Washington St. at N. Mullens Rd.
  • Meadow Rd at Early Forest Circle
  • Poplar Spring Rd. south of Portugee Rd. 
  • Lewis Rd. at Charles City Road
  • Kingsland Road between Rte. 5 and Deep Bottom Road