Superintendent: Fire Cheating Teachers

Also Wants Teaching Licenses Revoked

August 02, 2018 - 8:38 am

Richmond, VA (WRVA.com) – The head of Richmond schools is calling for the firing of the principal and teachers involved in SOL cheating at Carver Elementary.  School Superintendent Jason Kamras wants them gone before the new school year – about a month away - and also wants the state to revoke their teaching licenses.

Kamras speaking to reporters said “I want to assure the public that the individuals involved will be held accountable.  Pending (school) board approval, no one who was involved with the scandal will be employed by Richmond Public Schools when the school year begins.”  

The cheating was detailed in a 34 page report, released this week, that was compiled over two months by the Virginia Department of Education, and involved teachers correcting students’ incorrect answers.  In one case a student said a teacher smiled when they got the answer right and frowned when they got it wrong.

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