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Tractor Trailer Driver Accused

Allegedly Shot At Another Driver During Incident On I-95

June 25, 2018 - 2:45 pm

Chesterfield, VA ( - State Police have a Georgia tractor trailer driver in custody, after they say he shot at another driver on Saturday morning.  The shooting allegedly occurred on I-95 South near the Pocahontas Parkway. State Police say Terrelle Jackson, 26, of Atlanta, cut off a driver from Henrico with his tractor trailer.  Jackson then allegedly changed lanes, pulled next to that car, and fired.

Police did find a bullet hole in the other vehicle.  The driver was not injured.   Jackson was located at a gas station further south in Chesterfield County.  He has been charged with attempted malicious wounding, shooting from a vehicle, and brandishing a firearm.

More charges are possible.