Andy Doernen/Newsradio WRVA

Abortion Regs Trial Begins

Women's Health Centers Challenging Requirements

May 20, 2019 - 1:55 pm

Richmond, Va. ( - A trial over some of Virginia's abortion regulations has begun in Federal Court downtown.  The trial, which is being heard by Judge Henry Hudson, will take two weeks, with final arguments scheduled for June 6th.

Some women's health centers are challenging several of Virgnia's abortion regulations.  The regulations include the requirement that only physicians do abortions, and that all second trimester abortions be done in hospitals.  Virginia's mandatory delay law is also being challenged.

Hudson intiailly threw out the physician requirement, but then backtracked, deciding to hear more at trial.

Abortion rights opponents have argued they are safety measures.  One of the plantiffs experts has already testified, saying the regulations are medically unnecessary and that actually, abortion is safer than many procedures.

The trial comes as several states are actually tightening their abortion laws.