Tropical System Could Bring Rain by Late Weekend

Nestor Could Bring Rain by Sunday

October 17, 2019 - 4:01 pm
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(Richmond, Va.) -- A system that has formed off the Eastern coast of Mexico in the Gulf has the potential to form into a tropical cyclone and could potentially give us some more needed rain by the end of the weekend.

Cyclones are names given to storms that form in the Gulf of Mexico. 

NBC meteorologist Megan Wise says that if the storm intensifies enough, it would be called Nestor. Wise says that could happen by tomorrow. It's expected to move northeast and make landfall along the Florida panhandle early Saturday morning.

As of today, the storm has a path that would move through the Carolinas and then ending up in Southeastern Virginia.

It's still not clear how much rain we could get but Wise says by the time it reaches Virginia, it will lose its tropical status--meaning the winds will be less than 39 miles an hour.