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VDOT Shifting to Neighborhood Roads

Area Public Schools Closed Again

December 11, 2018 - 8:57 am

Richmond, VA (Newsradio -- VDOT is focusing on secondary and neighborhood roads now that the primary roads are in pretty good shape following a foot of snow. The concern remains icy patches following a partial thaw Monday. VDOT crews, who are still working 12-hour shifts, will use sand and salt to treat "black ice." 

Once again public schools in Richmond and the Tri-Cities are closed. Things are much better at Richmond International airport with no cancellations on the board and just a few delays. Some 2700 flights have been cancelled since Saturday because of the storm. 

Dominion Energy is also making progress in getting folks back on. Around 1,000 customers were without power as of Tuesday morning - way down from about 10,000 Monday morning. forecaster says it may be Friday before all the snow is gone.  That's when we have a good chance of rain - just rain!

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