Virginia Capitol Police Prepared For Session

Plans for First Day "Flexible"

January 11, 2021 - 2:46 pm

Andy Doernen/Newsradio WRVA


Richmond, Va. ( - Virginia Capitol Police, with last week's insurrection in Washington as a backdrop, say they are remaining flexible and aware for the first day of the Virginia General Assembly session.  Lawmakers return on Wednesday, although the State Senate is meeting at the Science Museum of Virginia, and the House of Delegates is meeting virtually.

Spokesman Joe Macenka says officers also have an eye on possible protests (which the FBI warns could include armed groups) on Sunday, as well as protests, and rallies tied to Lobby Day on Janaury 18th.  Last year's Lobby Day brought a huge gun rights rally to Richmond, although this year, Covid restrictions will reduce the size of any legal events.

Macenka is also asking people to be patient in the downtown area around State Government locations over the coming days.