Virginia Phase 3 Possible June 26th

June 18, 2020 - 3:55 pm
Governor Ralph Northam Covid-19 Briefing

Governor Ralph Northam Covid-19 Briefing


Alexandria, VA _ Virginia Governor Ralph Northam says Friday June 26th would be the earliest Virginia could enter Phase 3 of reopening, but he will continue to look at resurgences in other states as well as the Covid-19 numbers in the Commonwealth.

The Governor did release guidelines for how the state will enter phase three of reopening.

  • Social gatherings of 250 people will be permitted with social distancing.
  • The cap on indoor seating in restaurants will be lifted with social distancing.
  • Swimming pools will be allowed to open at 75% capacity.
  • The cap on capacity for non-essential retail, restaurants, and beverage services will be lifted, with physical distancing required.
  • Entertainment places like museums, zoos and other outdoor venues can open at 50% capacity with a cap of 1,000 people and social distancing.
  • Gyms and fitness centers can open at 75% capacity with social distancing.
  • Personal grooming places like barbershops, nail salons and hair salons will still have to practice physical distancing.
  • Child care facilities will be allowed to reopen with social distancing.
  • Recreational sports will still require physical distancing.
  • Overnight summer camps will remain closed.
  • Space coverings will still be required in indoor public spaces.

Northam adds that it will still mean people are safer at home, especially if they are vulnerable, the state will still encourage people to work from home, and people still need to focus on physical distancing in all situations outside of their homes.

The Governor also reminds Virginians that "just because something is allowed, doesn't mean its required, and just because there are more places to go doesn't mean you have to go there."