(Virginia State Police)

Witness: Saw Megan Metzger Shot

New Details Revealed in Court Records

July 24, 2018 - 9:44 am

SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. (WRVA.com) -- Four people have now been arrested in the disappearance of a 19 year old Pamplin woman.  Three people, 23 year-old Keelyn Codynah and 25 year-old Robert Keating, both of Spotsylvania, and 20 year-old David Newton of Fredricksburg have been charged with accessory to murder in the case of Megan Metzger.  Human remains, that are likely hers, were found in two locations in King George – east of Fredricksburg.  The Medical Examiner is working to identify the remains.

Court documents reveal that Codynah told investigators she witnessed the shooting death of Metzger in Keating’s home on July 17, possibly during a party, but there’s no word on who the shooter was.   Codynah left the home but returned about two hours later to help clean up blood.  Keating told police he took the gun to Washington, D.C. to get rid of it.  It’s not clear why Newton was charged but word is he had a romantic relationship with Metzger.

19 year-old Juan Benavidez II of King George is charged with vehicle arson.  Police began a search for Metzger after her burning car was discovered Thursday in Westmoreland County on the Northern Neck. Again, she is from Pamplin, on the western edge of Prince Edward County.