Nunes' Sues Twitter In Henrico

Devin Nunes challenges Twitter and posters in Henrico

August 24, 2019 - 12:42 pm

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Henrico County, VA _  A Henrico County judge says he will decide within 7 to 10 days whether to allow a $250 million dollar defamation suit filed by California Representative Devin Nunes against Twitter to proceed.

The Fresno Bee reports that lawyers for the social media giant asked Judge John Marshall to dismiss the lawsuit Friday, arguing the San Francisco-based company has no operations in the state and Nunes’ complaint cannot be considered there.

Nunes suit also names Republican political strategist Liz Mair and two parody accounts written by anonymous authors who criticize him on Twitter. 

Nunes, who is one of President Donald Trump's staunchest supporters, is also asking for information on groups that disparage him on social media, in a bid to prove that social media sites suppress the views of conservative posters like him.  He has also filed two other legal complaints alleging activists have conspired against him. 

Twitter denies any bias against conservatives and says it is prepared for the legal fight if the judge allows the case to proceed.

Twitter and Mair want the case tried in California, which has stricter laws discouraging frivolous lawsuits than Virginia and where Nunes could be held responsible for their legal fees if a court rules against him.

Nunes' Attorney Steven Biss argues the case belongs in Virginia because Mair lives there.   He alleges that Nunes suffered harm in Virginia, and adss that  the federal intelligence agencies, over which Nunes has oversight power, are located in northern Virginia.