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Richmond Mayor Proposes Gun Ban

Stoney Introduces Ordinance Banning Firearms in City Buildings and Parks

June 24, 2019 - 12:36 pm

Richmond, VA — In preparation for the July 9 Special Session of the Virginia General Assembly, Mayor Levar Stoney has proposed legislation banning firearms in city parks and city buildings. This legislation will be introduced in anticipation of General Assembly action to grant such authority to localities.


Stoney’s proposed ordinance, which will be introduced at tonight’s meeting of Richmond City Council, would ban the carrying of any class of firearm within city-owned buildings, parks, and community facilities. If adopted by the city council, this ordinance would go into effect on the same date that state legislation granting localities the authority to regulate firearms in municipal spaces goes into effect.


“I want us to be primed and ready to protect our citizens, and our employees, when the General Assembly acts on this commonsense measure,” said Mayor Stoney. “I don’t want to have to wait to start this process until after we’ve been granted this authority.”


“We owe it to our employees, to the family of Markiya Dickson, and to all those who have been traumatized by gun violence to do everything we can to keep firearms out of places where children play, where citizens conduct their business, and where our employees work on behalf of our city residents,” continued Mayor Stoney. “Every Richmonder and every Virginian deserves to feel safe. Commonwealth residents have had enough of the spineless leadership on this issue from some of our state lawmakers. If they are unwilling to act, they should move out of the way.”