Man Robs Richmond Beauty Salon Twice

Seven Hills Studio in Church Hill Robbed

July 31, 2018 - 4:52 pm

Richmon, VA (WRVA) - A Church Hill beauty salon has been robbed twice by the same person in the last Month and a half. The Seven Hills Studio at the corner of North 25th and East Clay Streets was robbed not once but twice by the same man within a 45 day period.  

The first robbery took place on June 11th. Robbery number two occurred on July 25th. There is video of the second robbery and the suspect associated with the crime. The Salon Started keeping their door locked after the first robbery on June 11th.

The July incident took place when the door was unlocked to let a customer out, the robber took that chance to rush in and rob the Salon. Richmond Police are aware of both incidents.