97th District Convention

Scott Wyatt Talks Convention

Jeff Katz
March 26, 2019 - 5:32 pm

Scott Wyatt from the Hanover district is running against incumbent, and fellow republican, Delegate Chris Peace in the 97th district convention. Why? He gave us the scoop this afternoon.

Del. Peace decided to join the Democrats on expanding Medicaid. This expansion puts upwards of 40,000 able-bodied people on welfare. The funds for this expansion are being shifted from people who need it, shifts it from those who are disabled and need care.

Wyatt has served on the local board of supervisors for three years now, and the local business community came forward to ask him to challenge Peace and the direction he's taking the district. Wyatt said Peace isn't involved or present in the community he represents whereas Wyatt is involved and knows what the community wants.

The vote will take place on May 4th, and folks from the Hanover district will come, hear the vetted candidates and vote on a private ballot.

Check out the full interview below!