Anderson Cooper

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Is There Anyone Left Who Believes CNN Delivers Actual News?

Jeff Katz
April 08, 2020 - 12:10 pm

It's been a long time since CNN reported any actual news instead of just how they feel about something, and Anderson Cooper made sure that streak continued Monday night.

Cooper opened his show, "Anderson Cooper 360," by bashing President Donald Trump, who apparently "hijacked" his own coronavirus task force briefing in an attempt to "rewrite the history of his early and reprehensibly irresponsible response to this virus."

And as is the usual procedure for "serious" journalists today, Cooper staunchly defended his colleagues in the media, voicing his disgust with the president for his treatment of those poor, defenseless reporters who are just trying to perform their journalistic duties by asking "fair questions."

Fair? Has Anderson actually watched any of these briefings?

Cooper's full rant:

The White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing ended a short while ago, and if you tuned in to it hoping to hear from the country's top scientists, you were likely disappointed. What we mostly heard was the president.

What we saw was a hijacking -- a hijacking of the task force press conference by a president determined to rewrite the history of his early and reprehensibly irresponsible response to this virus.

What the president showed us today is what the nation's top scientists have to deal with every day, a president who now uses these briefings as a re-election platform, an opportunity to lie, to deflect, to attack, to bully, and cover up his own deadly dismissals of the virus for crucial weeks.

According to the president today, all governors are getting everything they need and testing is now and always has been great. Reporters who asked fair questions but didn't kowtow or suck up to this president were attacked and belittled.