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Antifa Thug Threatens Republican Candidate

Jeff Katz
February 06, 2020 - 11:41 am

San Francisco Republican Party Chairman and congressional candidate John Dennis was threatened by a member of Antifa during a San Francisco clean up effort over the weekend.

Dennis, who is running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her seat, was participating in a clean-up event when about 30 to 40 Antifa members showed and and began protesting simply because it was a Republican effort, according to Periscope video posted on Dennis' Twitter account.

One thug in particular confronted Dennis, getting in his face and telling him, "Bruh, I'ma gonna catch you when all the cameras aren't around, and I'm gonna f**k you up," amongst other things.

The aggressor added, "I want you dead." When Dennis asked why, he said, "Because you're a piece of sh*t."

When Dennis asked how he knew that, the Antifa bully declared, "Because you're racist."

How did he know this? The tolerant leftist crowed, "I can tell by looking at you."

(Warning: Language)