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Black Democrat Caught Staging A Fake Hate Crime

Jeff Katz
July 23, 2019 - 12:11 pm

No, Jussie isn't at it again. But he may have a little competition in the fake hate crime arena.

Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas (D) posted a tweet Saturday claiming a white man called her a "lazy SOB" and told her to go back where she came from because she had too many items in the express lane at Publix.

She then explained the encounter further in a tearful Facebook live video.

The story got even more interesting when Thomas was interviewed by a local news station in the parking lot of the same Publix where the alleged incident occured and the man she accused of making the comments, Eric Sparkes, showed up.

Sparkes admitted to calling her a "selfish b**ch but denied saying she should "go back where she came from." He also made the point that he is Cuban and not white, as Thomas identified him.

Making the situation even more intriguing is the fact that Sparkes is a Democrat. In fact, multiple posts on his Facebook suggest he's an anti-Trump Democrat.