Chris Peace 97th District Convention

Chris Peace talks Veto Day and Convention

Jeff Katz
April 02, 2019 - 5:20 pm

Delegate Chris Peace joined us on the Jeff Katz Show this afternoon to give his his platform concerning the 97th District Convention. But first he explained veto day, which takes place on the 3rd. 

Virginia is required to reconvene the 140 members of the House and Senate to look at the bills vetoed by the governor. 

There are several common sense bills that Peace said they particularly want to address. For instance, the governor vetoed a bill that would've added school protection officers to Virginia public schools. Also, HB 2270, which deals with immigration issues and local law enforcement, didn't make sense to veto. Unfortunately, many vetoes will stand because Republicans don't have the majority.

Last week we heard from Scott Wyatt who is challenging Peace's ability to represent the 97th district because of his support to expand Medicaid, resulting in the convention.

Peace said there's a reasonable argument for what they did. A year ago the state budget was being debated and Medicaid was going to be expanded. That expansion was going to burden the tax payers. However, Peace said the expansion is unavoidable.

So, they worked to implement conservative forms in the program in such a way that it wouldn't burned taxpayers. If people vote against him and this expansion they're also voting against infrastructure, teachers, and law enforcement because the dynamics of the budget and the Medicaid expansion supports those departments.

Check out the full interview below!