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CNN Types Are Outraged That President Trump Tells The Truth About Them

Jeff Katz
March 26, 2020 - 10:46 am

Following President Trump's exchange with CBS reporter Paula Reid on Wednesday, the "real" reporters at CNN were shocked that the president would dare accuse them of pulling for his political demise.

After the briefing on Wednesday, host Wolf Blizter asked Gloria Borger to offer some defense to those brave gate-keepers of our society.

"Gloria, you did hear during the course of the president's statement, his response to the questions. He went after the usual suspects, including the news media," Blitzer said.

A flabbergasted Borger responded, "He went after the news media, making the point that, you know, we’d like to see them do poorly in the election, so we're rooting against him in this crisis, and that's so ridiculous. We should almost not even dignify it, honestly."