John King

CNN's Folks Just Can't Help Themselves

Jeff Katz
May 26, 2020 - 3:49 pm

CNN anchor John King couldn't help but take swipes at President Donald Trump on Monday, even as the president participated in a Memorial Day ceremony at Fort McHenry in Baltimore.

At the same time, King heaped praise upon former Vice President Joe Biden as he emerged from his home for the first time in two months to lay a wreath at a veterans memorial near his home in Delaware.

While showing video of the president taking part in the ceremony, King didn't suppress his partisan hatred for the president for long:

The President of the United States speaking this Memorial Day at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, the birthplace of "The Star-Spangled Banner." You see the President there, enjoying some of the ceremony after his remarks there, very solemn remarks, and the President paying tribute to fallen and their families, also touching on the coronavirus threat, saying we are in a new form of battle against an invisible enemy.

The President sticking to the teleprompter there. It can seem a bit of a parallel universe if you watch the President in these official events and then take look at his Twitter feed. You see two very different tones. This one here - solemn, fitting. The other one, I'll just say, not so much - full of hate and spite and grievances.

On the flip side, King brought in correspondent Arlette Saenz earlier to talk up the Bidens for honoring the fallen and for wearing a mask, unlike the president:

You saw the former vice president and his wife, Jill Biden, laying the wreath at that memorial for those who served and died during World War II and the Korean War. You saw the precautions they took. They were wearing those face masks. Biden has talked about, while he's been home, he's been wearing face masks and gloves around Secret Service or other aides who maybe have come into his home. But now, in his first public appearance, we are seeing he's following through with that protocol as well.

Both of the Bidens have a strong tie to the military families. Jill Biden, while she was second lady, worked a lot, extensively with military families and children. And their own son, Beau Biden, served in Iraq as part of the Delaware Army National Guard. The five-year anniversary of his passing from brain cancer is later this week.