College Admissions Scandal

Jimmy Gagliano Gives His Insight on College Scandal

Jeff Katz
March 12, 2019 - 4:54 pm

Former FBI Special Agent Jimmy Gagliano joined us on the Jeff Katz Show this afternoon to discuss the college admission scandal, saying, it's "not a victimless crime."

Why? Well, for every student admitted through fraud another student, who would've been admitted through their own merit, was denied admittance.

The FBI has indicted 40 parents and 10 other involved individuals, and have brought forfeiture allegations, racketeering charges and conspiracy charges. One of the reasons for the FBI's involvement is the pattern of illegal activity and a conspiracy to funnel funds to people employed at colleges through faux charities to get kids into those elite colleges.

Those other 10 individuals indicted were involved with taking SATs, creating the fake charities, and receiving illegal funds to fudge or alter student applications and other documents. And Jimmy fully expects more indictments to be forthcoming.

The pay to play mentality is expected in politics Jimmy said, but not in the criminal justice system or academia. And that mentality cannot be allowed to permeate the academic or criminal justice systems, where everyone is supposed to get fair treatment. 

Hover, the sad reality, Jimmy said, is "people can legitimately say the rich don't play by the same rules as the rest of us."