Chris Cuomo

Another Day, Another Outrageous Attack Launched By Chris Cuomo

Jeff Katz
May 13, 2020 - 12:04 pm

Tuesday night on CNN's "Cuomo PrimeTime," host Chris Cuomo launched an outlandish attack on Fox News at the end of his show, falsely declaring that the network was fine with more than 10,000 Americans dying from the coronavirus.

Fredo also trashed President Trump for the new safety measures put in place at the White House and then claimed that Fox News was somehow "okay" with thousands of people dying from the virus:

The President traces and tests every damn day. And everyone around him has a mask on. Now, he doesn't because he wants to keep up the Fox farce, this BS that COVID-19's overrated. I guess the anti-elitists over there are okay with 10,000 more dead. These liars and race-baiters want you to think Fauci is not to be believed, that social distancing is about stealing your freedom.

Ironically, although Cuomo accused Fox of being "race-baiters," he made the earlier claim in his show that they were happy to let the "brown working class" people die:

Talk about being elitist. If that’s okay, who do you think those 10,000 people are going to be? Who’s getting affected the most? The working class. The brown working class. Who’s most afraid of reopening too soon? The brown working class. Who is getting sick the most? The brown working class. Who’s dying the most? They are. There's nothing elitist about that. It's everything that's elitist.