Washington DC police officers

Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

Washington D.C. Passes Major Attack On Police

Jeff Katz
July 09, 2020 - 2:38 pm

Washington, D.C. has passed so-called emergency police reform in the wake of protests over the death of George Floyd.

The District of Columbia Council passed the bill during a long meeting on Tuesday night and it is expected to be finalized in the fall. The bill calls for a list of different police reforms, including restoring voting rights to incarcerated prisoners and numerous changes to police searches and arrest protocols.

The bill, entitled the Comprehensive Policing and Justice Reform Amendment Act 2020, was authored by Judiciary Chair Charles Allen and is a revision to a similar bill passed on June 9 which was set to go into effect on Tuesday.

According to WUSA9:

Under the original bill, the police department would have been forced to turn over the names and footage of any officer involved in a deadly incident. The department now has five days to do so and has an Aug. 15 deadline to release the names and footage of any officer involved in such incident since body cameras were put in place in 2014.

The revision also allows family members of those killed to prevent any footage from going public. Also included in that revision is use of force. Originally, officers would only have been allowed to use force to apprehend a suspect if there was probable cause they committed a crime. After concerns from Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham, that language has been removed.

Last month’s legislation banning the MPD’s use of tear gas on protesters, banning the hiring of police officers with a history of misconduct, and making all matters pertaining to police discipline non-negotiable will remain the same.