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Democrat Demands That Law Abiding Citizens Must Turn In Their Guns

Jeff Katz
June 06, 2019 - 7:00 am

During an appearance on The View Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell reinforced his pledge to take AR-15s and similar rifles away from law-abiding citizens.

Swalwell was quoted in saying, “Ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America. I’m the only candidate calling for that.”

Swalwell has been pushing this agenda for over a year, and during that time it has become the central component of his campaign. His ban has gone through many revisions along the way, but one thing has stayed constant – widely-owned semiautomatic rifles will be banned and taken from law-abiding citizens. Those who do not comply will face punishment that could even result in jail time.

In November 2018, Swalwell suggested “the government has nukes” for those who refuse to comply with the ban. During an April CNN appearance he pulled back by indicating those who don't comply would simply receive jail time. This was after Jake Tapper noted that Swalwell’s “assault weapons” ban includes “criminal prosecution” of those who do not comply. Tapper asked if criminal prosecution means Americans who held on to their guns would go to jail. Swalwell responded, “They would.”

Swalwell then offered a third option by saying gun owners could also take their firearms to a gun range or hunting club and leave them there. What a guy.