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Democrat: We Will Take Your Guns Away

Jeff Katz
September 03, 2019 - 12:36 pm

Make no mistake about it, Robert Francis O'Rourke wants to take away your guns.

The failed Texas senatorial candidate appeared on MSNBC Sunday to reiterate his plan for gun control following another deadly shooting that left seven dead and at least 25 injured in Odessa, Texas.

O'Rourke said, "so let's speak clearly and bluntly and then take decisive action: Universal background checks, red flag laws, ending the sales of weapons of war, but also importantly, and politically difficult to say, buy those weapons of war back. Mandate that. Not voluntarily."

He continued, "Let's be really clear with our fellow Americans: [there is> no place for an AK-47 or an AR-15 on the streets of our communities."