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Democrats Are Eating Their Own

Jeff Katz
July 02, 2019 - 10:17 am

Some polls show that California Senator Kamala Harris is now the leader for the Democratic presidential nomination, but many Democratic leaders who support Joe Biden are not thrilled with Harris' beatdown of the former vice president at the Democratic debate Thursday, and there may be repercussions.

Harris blasted Biden at the debate over his opposition to busing and his support of segregationalist senators, and some in Biden's camp have called her remarks a major overreach. One supporter told Politico Harris played "low-ball," and others seem to think her assault on Biden was a major mistake that will come back to haunt her down the road.

It seems many Democrats were impressed by Harris' ambition, but disappointed with it being directed at Biden, a sign that many still have deep-lying loyalty to the former VP despite the clash over race and what many viewed as a lackluster performance in the debate.

Some have speculated that Harris and Biden could combine to on the ticket together, but after Thursday night, it's hard to see that materializing as it seems the cannibalism of the Democrats is beginning.