Joe Biden

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

When Will Joe Biden Condemn This Violence?

Jeff Katz
July 27, 2020 - 3:16 pm

Democrats have made no bones about their support for the rioting and looting that has taken place over the last two months in the name of social justice. One of the biggest examples of this is in Portland, Oregon, a city that has, in essence, been taken over by Antifa and the rest of the radical left who have torn the city apart for weeks on end.

While President Donald Trump has condemned this violence as unacceptable and has threatened to send in federal law enforcement to quell the lawlessness, Democrats - led by their presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden - have downplayed the riots as "mostly peaceful protests" and vilified federal authorities for upholding the law.

Now, as the violence and unrest intensifies, some Democrats are starting to rethink their strategy, and it seems their condoning of riots and violence may actually help President Trump get reelected.