Elizabeth Warren

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Fauxcahontas Is Available To The Highest Bidder After All

Jeff Katz
February 21, 2020 - 5:05 pm

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) refused to fully reject money from a new super PAC formed to help her struggling campaign, despite her criticism of Super PACs and big political money in the past.

While speaking to reporters in Nevada, Warren was asked about the super PAC and said, "The first day I got in this race over a year ago, I said I hope every presidential candidate who comes in will agree no super PACs for any of us. I renewed that call dozens of times, and I couldn’t get a single Democrat to go along with me."

She added, "If all the candidates want to get rid of super PACs, count me in. I’ll lead the charge. But that’s how it has to be. It can’t be the case that a bunch of people keep them and only one or two don’t."