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Typhoid Cuomo

Jeff Katz
April 24, 2020 - 12:15 pm

Chris Cuomo has played up his coronavirus infection as if he were knocking on death's door, plunged into isolation by this deadly virus but still bravely carrying on with his show like a true patriot.

After testing positive for COVID-19, Cuomo announced he would continue to host his show from the basement of his home. Since then, Fredo has turned "Cuomo Primetime" into a tribute to himself, constantly reminding his viewers what a major sacrifice he is making by self-quarantining and isolating himself from his family (who reside just up the stairs from his basement).

And of course, a leftist being quarantined would not be complete without shaming and bashing those who have not done the same. Cuomo has repeatedly used his bout with the disease to lecture Americans about following the rules and the guidelines and painting those who don't as selfish and stupid.

This all culminated with the younger Cuomo brother dramatically emerging from his basement prison on live television like a hostage being released and returning to safety. 

But what the "real" reporters who have praised Cuomo for his bravery have ignored is that much of his so-called sacrificing was a lie.