Harvard University

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Will Harvard Ask Her To Return Her Degree?

Jeff Katz
July 02, 2020 - 1:48 pm

A recent Harvard University graduate is crying "victim" after she has received backlash for a video she posted threatening to "stab" anyone who says that "all lives matter."

Claire Janover graduated from Harvard in May with a degree government and psychology, and recently has come under fire for posting a video on Tik Tok berating people who have "the nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity, to say ‘all lives matter.'"

At one point during the video, she pulls the phone close to her face and says, "I'ma stab you, and while you're struggling and bleeding out, I'ma show you my paper cut and say, 'My cut matters too.'"

Janover's video, which she defended as a "joke" has not been received well, and many are calling for her to be arrested. Some, like author and political commentator Ann Coulter, mocked Janover's angry rant. Coulter even labeled her "Asian Karen."

"Does this not count as violent speech? I guess it only counts when it fits the narrative," another person asked on Twitter.